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We've Come to the End!

We've Come to the End!

* Originally Posted February 2, 2016


It’s all over!!! Three days of a Juice Cleanse, fourteen days of a Paleo Diet, fourteen days Vegan, nineteen days no coffee, and thirty-one days of no alcohol, sugar, processed food, dairy, or wheat! Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom!

My last official day as a vegan was a perfect example of a city dwelling hippie. I was up by 8:30am had a green juice and herbal tea and lemon. Then off to a hot yoga class at TriYoga, a homemade almond protein shake as a post sweat snack. For lunch I made kale and celery soup in the Vita-mix. I really enjoyed it, which goes to show you, how much my tastes have changed. For dinner, Tom and I went for Japanese feast! I had a vegetarian roll, grilled aubergine, spinach with tahini sauce, and a bowl of white rice. It was delicious and I’d eat that meal again when don’t have food restrictions.

And yes, the results are in. After 14 days of a no wheat, and high vegetable vegan diet I’ve lost 3.6lbs pounds! So to recap: on the juice cleanse I lost 6.4lbs, on the Paleo Diet I lost 2lbs. In total; I lost 12 pounds in 31 days. That’s more than I thought I would and I’m pretty excited about it. But I don’t want to get too excited, I’ve lost this weight before and then I’ve gained it back. All this work would be for not
hing if I went back to my bad habits of heavy drinking and late night fried food. I’ve got a good base, but I want to keep going. I don’t think I’ll drop this much weight this quickly again. As now, I’ll let myself have certain foods I’ve been abstaining from. But there are certain things I’m going to keep d oing and certain things I’ll leave here at the end of the challenge.


Morning Green Smoothies! 
These have been an amazing way to start the morning and are easy enough to clean up after. From here on out, I’ll start my morning with blended greens with a touch a fruit.

No Dairy:
I don’t miss it. No really, I don’t. I don’t miss cheese, cakes, or milk in my coffee. Actually,, I think I preferred coconut milk. I’m sure if I had cheese again, I’d wind up eating the whole block. But I’ll keep dairy out of my house from here on out.

High Protein/Hi Vegetables:
I think both the Paleo and the Vegan Diet worked so well because my carb intake was very little. Yes, I had fruit, and occasionally, while vegan, I had quinoa and rice. But compared to how I usually eat it’s been hugely reduced this month. I think I’ll stay on a high protein and utilize both animal and vegetable proteins to give me more variety. As far as wheat goes maybe I’ll have it from time to time, but I’m going to experiment with more gluten free foods and see what happens.

I’ve cooked more for myself this month more than another month I’ve been alive. I’ve enjoyed it. Sometimes I felt trapped in my kitchen, but for the most part the experience was
rewarding. I want to keep doing cooking and I plan to keep utilizing Kris Carr’s Recipes and Stephanie Gaudreau’s Performance Paleo Cookbook as guide posts.

I was doing this anyway, but it’s been more consistent this month. I’m going to really try for five times a week.

No sugar/ No alcohol
It’s bad! It’s out! For good!!….well, mostly out…maybe every once in a while.


To suggest that I’m going to keep all this up with no sugar or alcohol ever is a bit silly. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a glass of wine at sundown this evening. But again, one or two glasses hasn’t been my problem it’s one or two glasses day after day. So here’s the plan. Only drink on special occasions. And no more than eight occasions a month. For instance, it’s Tom’s Birthday next week so I’ll have a drink that night. I’m going to be in New York at the end of the month, I’ll go out and have a drink with a friend. I need to limit it to eight because I have a celebratory life! If I’m not careful, every night is a night to toast my wonderful life!  For some people less is more. For me, it’s always been more is more. I might not use all eight nights but they’re there if I need them.

Also food, same rules I can have 8 meals a month off the standard menu. So if I’m at a friend’s and they serve ice cream for dessert, I’ll have some ice-cream. When I’m in New York if I want to have a deli sandwich I can have one. On both these diets I’ve learned it’s possible to dine out most restaurants, and with my new found habit of packing my own food, I think 8 meals is more than enough.


If you think you might want to do something like this, and maybe you don’t, that’s fine too. I suggest to keep your target moving. By the time I was sick of juicing, I was on Paleo, by the time I was sick of meat, I was eating vegan. Switching things around, kept me on my toes and stopped me from failing out of boredom.

Maybe radically changing your diet every two weeks doesn’t work for you. Why not spend one week getting your food situation in order, and once you have that; focus on exercise the next week, daily meditation the week after that? I found that the addition and subtraction of things helped me keep the ball in the air. Pick three things you want to fix over the m onth and add them week by week. Maybe it’s add more greens to you diet, then cut out sugar, then go on a walk three times a week. The world’s your oyster! Build a program that works for you!

Also, pick one person or blog and follow their recipes. If your changing your diet to say, vegan you can lose yourself for hours searching the internet for the perfect recipe for wheat-free-sugar free-vegan butter cream frosting. Instead pick a cookbook or a blog of someone you admire and eat what they eat. By doing this, you’ll still have variety but aren’t on option overload! You might even try something you wouldn’t have if you were searching the web for the alternative version to your favorite comfort food. Perhaps you’ll find yourself making something totally new, exciting, and out of your comfort zone. What an adventure!

Don’t worry about getting it 100% right all the time. You’ll fuck up. You’ll over sleep and miss the gym, you’ll order the fish and then realized it’s covered in butter. Shit’s going to go wrong. Don’t freak out or give up. Just shrug it off and realize you have the rest of your life to get it right.

This has been a fun experiment. I’m planning to check in monthly via the blog regarding my progress. Thanks so much for taking the time to read these. If you liked them maybe share them with a friend. I’m going to step away from blogging for a few weeks and enjoy the world outside of my computer for a bit. That enjoyment starts with a cappuccino and a bagel.

P.S: I’ll Never give up coffee again. Not ever.
P.P.S: Tom would like me to remind you how great and supportive he’s been. He was and continues to be, but don’t tell him I told you that.  

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