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It's a  grind.

It's a grind.

In 2002 Jerry Seinfeld released a documentary called ComedianIt's about his return to stand up comedy after a long break, and the work that goes into building a set and figuring out how to make a group of strangers laugh. Every aspiring comedian has seen that movie. If you haven't, then your denying yourself an important tool in you comedic education.

I haven't watched the film in several years now but the one thing that's always stuck with me is when Seinfeld is standing on the street and says "One day I was watching these construction workers go back to work. I was watching them kind of trudge down the street. And it was like a revelation to me; I realized these guys don't want to go back to work after lunch. But they're going. Because that's their job. And if they can exhibit that level of dedication for that job; I should be able to do the same. Just trudge your ass in."  Seinfeld is talking about stand up but you could replace comedy in that idea with anything that's important to you. 

Sometimes I don't want to go workout. And sometimes I don't "feel better once I've gone". Sometimes it's just a fucking grind. I go in. I do the work. I come out of it sweatier but not feeling better or worse. It's a box I ticked on my day's to-do list and I go home to tick all the other boxes before I go to bed. One doesn't reach high levels of fitness (or greatness in comedy for that matter) by coming in daily and achieving milestone after milestone. Milestones only happen after cumulative, daily,  effort adds up over time. But for that to happen you have to "Just trudge your ass in" and do the work. 

Yesterday when I walked in to take the 4:30 class at Crossfit Blackfriars. I wasn't excited or dreading it; I was blah. We did a series of deadlifts the a WOD of burpees, toes to bars,  and hang clean squats. After class my heart was racing and I was a sweaty mess and I still felt blah.

People have been reaching out to me lately, telling me that they find my monthly challenges really inspiring and I know some people have started there own. I think that's awesome. I feel like in a lot of writing about exercise and fitness people really emphasize the highs and lows, so one goes in expecting a roller coaster. Sometimes it is a rollercoaster, but it's only by consistency and the daily grind that you get the super highs. A lot of days it's just trudging your ass in. 

I Bought The Shoes.

I Bought The Shoes.

Doing Crossfit w/ a Hangover.

Doing Crossfit w/ a Hangover.