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You Win Some. You Run Some.

You Win Some. You Run Some.

The fun thing about Crossfit is sometimes we get to do gymnastics movements. The less fun thing is sometimes we're told to run. Today we did both so I was on an emotional roller coaster; switching from "Well, isn't this a fun and rewarding exercise!" to "I'm am going to write Crossfit Blackfriars the angriest yelp review after this! That'll show 'em!" *

At the end of class we did 400 meter sprints four times. So basically, you ran has fast as you could, rested for a bit and repeated. I hate running, I never was good at it as a kid, and as an adult I've given it an earnest shot. In the past two years I've run three Half-Marathons, two Tough Mudders, and one Marathon. So don't tell me I haven't tried to like running. I've tried. I like the medals I get at the end of an event. I. Hate. Running. My distaste for the exercise can be broken down into two reasons. 

1) There's no puzzle. 
In both yoga and weight lifting there's a game. Yoga: Make your body into this shape. Weightlifting: Pick that heavy thing up off the floor. You achieve both of these things by technique and refining micro movements in your body until the desired effect takes hold. 

In running however there's no puzzle; you assume the position and go. Then keep going, and going, and going. I don't like it, I'm bored of it. 

2) I'm slow. I'm really slow. I've tried to speed up! Yes I've heard of Fartleks and I've practiced them all while giggling at their name. But my body doesn't like to run; it likes to trudge.

Today as we shot off for each 400 meter dash I started with long, quick strides. In my mind I was thinking, "Come on! Like a lolloping gazelle Abigoliah! Be a gazelle!"  But below my neck my body was disagreeing, "No, we're a buffalo. Slow it down. Add some snorting. There you go!" My body would slow to a jog and even that felt fast. 

My first run I finished in 1min 43sec and the fourth I completed in 1min 52sec. I was the slowest in the class. I was getting flash backs from 7th grade gym class. At least now I'm an adult and no one cares but me. That's something people get nervous about stepping into any type of fitness class or gym. People are often scared everyone is watching them be shit. No one cared I was the slowest runner. They were too busy running to notice. Thank god for that. 

Before running around in a tizzy though we did Toes to Bar. That's when you hang from a bar and lift your feet up over your head to touch the bar your hanging from. I can't do them yet. So I just bring my knees to my chest. THEN we did hand-stand pushups and I AM getting better at that! Hand Stand Pushups are exactly what the sound like. You get into a hand stand do a push up and try not to think about collapsing onto your head and breaking your neck. 

In most Crossfit movements there's a way to scale them back if you can't do them. I can't go all the way down and back up. So my coach Rich had me start with three mats under my head, and by the end of class I was down to two mats and a thin plate. Given the last time I tried hand stand push ups I simply got my feet against the wall and prayed I wouldn't crumbled to the ground; this has been a big improvement.

So that was today. A roller coaster of achievements and not. But if it was all attainable every day; why would you bother trying it at all? 

*No yelp review was written. If I didn't do Crossfit, I would have to find something to whine/brag about. 


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