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5 Ways to Make Cool Love in a Heatwave

5 Ways to Make Cool Love in a Heatwave

*This article first appeared in Metro June 21, 2017

London is experiencing a heat wave. A proper, sit-in-your-pants-all-day-in-front-of-a-fan heatwave. But just because it's hot doesn't mean you have to abstain from sweet sex.

Here are five ways to stay cool while getting some nookie.  

1.      Ice Cubes
Not just for adding to your G&T anymore. Ice cubes have been a delicious way to spice up (or cool down) a sex life since people have been writing about and having sex. Take the ice cube, put it between your teeth and then trace it along your partner’s naked body for some chilling tantalizing foreplay. Have them return the favour. Make sure a window is open or a fan is on so the breeze hits the trails of water left on the skin. I promise it’ll give you goose bumps even in this weather. 

2.      Sex in public…air conditioned public, that is. 
Be honest, it’s been on your bucket list for years. Although London apartments aren’t set up for air-con, other bigger building like museums and cinemas are. Put on your prettiest sun dress, leave your panties at home, and, as your eyes meet over that 16th century vase from China, lean over to your partner and whisper, “Meet me in the third stall in 5 minutes.” I promise this experience will feel dangerous, sexy and - most importantly - cool. 

3.      A Cool Shower
A cold shower will stop you right in your tracks, but a cool shower will keep you refreshed and randy. Besides, with two (or more) of you in the shower, not only are you beating the heat while copulating, you’re also saving on water with your eco-friendly shower. Congratulations! Now you’re well-sexed and you can be smug about it too. 

4.      Avoid Cushioned Surfaces.
If you have sex on a bed in this heat you will be left with a warm sweat-soaked patch in the middle of your mattress. Believe me. Forego the usual bed for harder surfaces that don’t hold heat. The kitchen floor or your office desk, for example. Sex in different locations is so hot it’s cool. 

5.      Hot Yoga Sex
Or you can forget all the other options, embrace the heat and use it as a workout. As a Bikram Yoga instructor myself, this is my go to. You’re hot and sweaty; embrace it and your partner and get your groove on. If it all seems a bit too much try the tantric method. Move slowly, breathe deep, look into each other’s eyes and have at it. Once you get going and you’re slipping and sliding all over and in each other, you’ll be so turned on it’ll be the hottest thing you’ve ever done and it’ll be very worth it. 

There you have it, five ways to stay cool while having sex. Feel free to let me know how you get on. Good luck; stay safe and stay hydrated! 


Bio: Abigoliah Schamaun is a US-born, UK-based stand-up comic and yoga instructor, with a penchant for fine whiskey. She’ll be taking her new show, “Abigoliah Schamaun: Namaste Bitches” to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Read more of her writing or check out her comedy at abigoliah.com.

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