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Why I Run.

Why I Run.

*Originally posted May 11, 2015

**this article originally appeared on funnywomen.com


In just under a month I’m running the Brighton half marathon. I started training for it in November. I’ve stopped drinking to help better my time, I run anywhere from three to five times a week, and I do yoga to help counter-act the stress running is putting on my knees.

This is the second half marathon I’ve run, I did one last year in New York but was a bit lax on the training. And here what I’ve learned so far from training. Running never gets easier. EVER.

Rewarding, yes. Easier, no. At least not for me. I thought by now I’d be breezing six mile runs without a second thought. Instead my thoughts throughout is: “Gah! This better pay off!” or “When I get done, I can eat a bear claw right?” So why keep doing it? Because… I like telling people I did.

My longest run, thus far, was on Hampstead Heath, I thought that would be a fun picturesque place to run. And it was. However, I forgot the Heath is basically all hills. You may have not noticed it when your were picnicking but it’s hills. The whole damn Heath is hills. It should be called Hampstead Hills.

It was not a fun run. What was fun was going to a gig that night and when people asked: “What’d you get up to today?” I got to reply “Oh nothing… ran ten miles. You?”It’s always a satisfying exchange.

Or even better when I asked first and they say they just stayed home and watched Netflix.

“What’d you do today?”

“Nothing really. Caught up on Dexter. You?”

“Me? Oh. nothing either? Just exceeded the expectations of every P.E. teacher I ever had, bettered my body, and overcame a huge mental obstacle. You know…ran TEN MILES”

It may be a silly reason to run; just to say you did, but it’s the reason that keeps me going.

I was always active as a kid, but I was never athletic. In US schools at one point in the year they make you run a mile. I never did, I tried, but I couldn’t. A mile seemed insane. I didn’t know how to pace myself or breathe. I’d just sprint, get 50 metres and have to walk. So as an adultit’s a big achievement to run at all. Let alone 13.5 miles.

So I run to tell people that I ran…and maybe I run to tell the little kid inside of me I can run.

Now excuse me, I have seven miles to do. What are you planning for today?

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