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Top 5 Running Songs.

Top 5 Running Songs.

* Originally posted May 11, 2015

* *This article originally appeared on Funnywomen.com

Since starting my training back in November my my earbuds have been my new best friends. Some people don’t like to run with music. I can’t run without it. It keeps a spring in my step and and probably makes me look like a bit of a nutcase as I dramatically mouth along with the words.

There are, of course, classic ‘pump up songs’ on everyones playlist; ‘The Eye of a Tiger’, ‘Born to Run’, and the ‘Chariots of Fire’ theme tune. In fact, one time I was doing a training run in Stavanger, Norway, I had just rounded the corner and was running towards the water about to go under a large bridge and just then a huge, I mean HUGE, ship past under the bridge right when Chariots of Fire started to play. It was awesome. I ran faster.

No matter how much a shuffle my playlist has five tracks permanently fixed in the mix. May I suggest you add them to your own running playlist.

1.) ‘Slow Ride’ by Foghat
This may be one of my favorite songs of all time. It has a really steady, driving beat, but the lyrics say “Slow Ride, take it easy…”. It’s a perfect start to a long run when your adrenaline is going. It helps set a good pace but constantly reminds you that you got a way to go.

2.) Star Wars Main Theme- John Williams
Put this to the end of your playlist right when you’re on your last leg. I guarantee it will lift you up and get your ready to save the princess in a galaxy far, far away. The score is beautiful. And I’d argue the first few bars of the song have the best use of the triangle in the history of modern music. Seriously, the beginning fanfare has a triangle roll throughout. It’s like putting oregano in your sauce, it adds the perfect oomph.

3.) ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ – The Supernatural Cover
Ok, so ‘Supernatural is an American TV show where two brothers travel across The U.S in a ’76 Impala fighting monsters, demons, and ghosts. It’s my favorite show of all time, but that’s beside the point. In Episode 100 there’s a cover of Kansas’s “Carry On My Wayward Son”, and it’s breathtaking. It’s done as a ballad with six girls singing. It’s not long, but it’s perfect for the middle of the run. I find having too many up beat songs in a mix can be exhausting. It’s nice to throw in a ballad or two.

4.) ‘Rosalita’ (live version) -Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
People would often say Born to Run is the best Springsteen training song. These are people who only look at titles, don’t know a lot of Springsteen music, and can’t be trusted. It’s Rosalita. May I suggest the live version from their “Live 1975-85 ” compilation album. In the middle, there’s an instrumental break where Bruce introduces The Band and it’ll wind you up in the best way. The only downside to adding this to you playlist: you may stop running completely because you’re moved to dance till you topple over. Consider yourself warned.

5.) ‘Dad’s Best Friend’ – The Rubberbandits
The Rubberbandits are hardcore rappers from Limerick Ireland…you know, where most rap is born. ‘Dad’s Best Friend’ is my favorite song by them, and it should be yours too. It’s a great song to help with pacing, and you’ll find yourself screaming “I’m eating streaky bacon from a trouser press” as you whiz by people in the park like a bad ass.

Those are my top five that’ll definitely be on my playlist as I run the Brighton Half Marathon on February 22nd. I’m still looking for new songs to add to the mix so if you have a suggestion of songs to listen to while running, tweet it to me @abigoliah. Thanks guys!

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