Fringe Magic

What makes Fringe Festivals like Adelaide so enchanting is not the gigs and the location (Although they are stellar). It’s the unexpected moment you don’t see coming. What I like to call “Fringe Magic”. You’re going about your usual artist life and then, all of the sudden a great experience falls into your lap when you least expect it.

#metoo: I was Sexually Assaulted on Stage.

This past August I was assaulted on stage, and at the time I did want to write about it. So, I wrote down the facts in that moment as clear as I remember. But then I sat with it and did nothing. And siting with it hasn’t felt good. It’s been rolling around in my stomach for months now. I go back and forth between anger, frustration, forgiveness, and stoicism. Watching people come forward with their stories has inspired me to add my own. This is my story. #metoo. 

22 Notebooks, 2,000 Gigs

At one point, a comic told me that once I reached 50 gigs he'd put me on his show. So I started counting. For the record, he never did give me that gig, but it started a habit I haven't stopped. Every time I do a set, be it a big gala show or an open mic, I mark the number in the corner of the page.