Everything Has Changed and Nothing has Changed.

Between carrying old and shoddy equipment, with a child too scared of snakes to go to the stream to collect water for the dinner, and cooking over an open camp fire with wood perpetually covered in dew; it was a lot of work for my old dad. But I was hooked. And that’s when my dad told me about Longs Peak.

Fringe Magic

What makes Fringe Festivals like Adelaide so enchanting is not the gigs and the location (Although they are stellar). It’s the unexpected moment you don’t see coming. What I like to call “Fringe Magic”. You’re going about your usual artist life and then, all of the sudden a great experience falls into your lap when you least expect it.

#metoo: I was Sexually Assaulted on Stage.

This past August I was assaulted on stage, and at the time I did want to write about it. So, I wrote down the facts in that moment as clear as I remember. But then I sat with it and did nothing. And siting with it hasn’t felt good. It’s been rolling around in my stomach for months now. I go back and forth between anger, frustration, forgiveness, and stoicism. Watching people come forward with their stories has inspired me to add my own. This is my story. #metoo. 

22 Notebooks, 2,000 Gigs

At one point, a comic told me that once I reached 50 gigs he'd put me on his show. So I started counting. For the record, he never did give me that gig, but it started a habit I haven't stopped. Every time I do a set, be it a big gala show or an open mic, I mark the number in the corner of the page.